Saturday 9th November 2019

Highfeild U10s Vs Brackley Town U10s 

Another good display from Brackley U10s, After both teams served a minutes silence. Brackley players also helped out Highfeild team which were short of numbers, and took it in turns to play for the opposition. Which they did very well, doing the football club, myself and their parents proud. 

Really quick start to the match saw Brackley take an early lead, with a quick breakaway goal, both teams tried to play passing football, which was really good to see, the Highfeild goalkeeper was kept busy with Brackley having lots of opportunities on goal. Brackley were fortunate to score a further goal on the break after some really good passing play from Highfield. 

Once Brackley were ahead, they kept the pressure on, with some great attacking play, scoring further goals. Highfield scored a good goal on the counter attack, and showed great composure in defensive areas with players staying on ball to play out from back. 

Along with the great attacking play Brackley defence had to defend well, with a standout defensive performance from a Brackley player, which was good enough to help Brackley win the game. The score line didn’t reflect how well Highfield played, but did reflect how well the Brackley U10s have progressed on their football journey. 

U10s are away at Bloxham next week, with the teams very similarly matched, so looking forward to another good game.