Brackley Town v Bampton 16/03/19 

3 Aims:

Can we have 10 successful delays during the match – Success (18)

Can we stop them receiving the ball in the “10” area less than 10 times – Success (3)

When in possession can we make sure the ball stays moving and doesn’t stop – going to say a failure as our wide players often became isolated and had to stand and wait for a support run

A delayed start as away players were still arriving by kick off time and a goalie injury in the warm up would have justified a slow start, but we played really well and it was very even at 0-0 until the last 20, where firstly we were done by a ball over the top and a very fast forward getting in, then by a great header scored off a cross and a further ball over the top.

3-0 down in the space of 5 minutes and that can’t fall on anyone but me, I instructed them to play with a high line and fair play to the boys they then did the natural thing to stop this happening by dropping deep – but we then conceded 3 more before the end.

Obviously there are negatives, players again turned inwards after going behind, and we let the ball bounce more times in the midfield than I want to think about, but there were so many positives:

In training we worked on showing players wide, they did this brilliantly 

Everyone showed up today

Literally – our one absentee before the match had been bedridden all week and still had to be stopped from coming, and the amount of family events delayed so players could make it shows how much they wanted to be here, despite our form

And on pitch not only did we have players refusing to admit injury to try and stay on and help the team, we had players stepping up and doing what was needed when needed all over the place (massive shout out to Main for a world class GK performance despite being told he was playing there a minute before the match started)

And like I’ve mentioned already, they are constantly trying to grow and push themselves and each other to do better