BTFC U10s 4 Chesterton U10 s 

Good Start from Brackley, passing ball through the 3rds. After a couple of shots off target, and a fine save from Chesterton's GK, Brackley broke through the middle, to score the first
goal of the game, after the goal Chesterton had the opportunity to equalize straight away breaking from KO, to score a Fine Goal into top corner. Brackley soon made it 2-1 with a long range effot that beat the GK, Once again Chesterton made it level.
great game to watch for the parents, end to end. Brackley were impressive with their passing, Chesterton quick to counter. Brackley made it 3-2, and looked like they would take control, but once more Chesteron made it level, now Chesterton had the momentum, and this time Chesterton score to lead the game for the first time, but as Brackley were keen to pass the ball they worked one last chance before time, working the ball up the pitch and scoring the equalizer to make it 4-4.
second game was more of the same final score 2-2.
Both teams should be very happy with how they played. Good luck to Chesterton for the rest of the season.