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Our Player Development Academy environment should help everyone involved to develop, strengthen, and maintain personal capabilities, physical and technical competencies, self-belief and confidence through having fun and enjoying the game.

It will cater for different learning preferences, enable decision making, and create problem solving opportunities for all those involved whilst being inclusive and challenging.

Our environment must also be safe and secure – both physically, but especially in a learning sense – where decisions and mistakes can be made without fear of remonstration or ridicule.

Finally, our environment will be one that encourages and supports the players to think and speak for themselves. Thinking for yourself and being able to speak freely is the thing on which the development of the person depends but all too often for young players thinking for themselves and offering up their own views is a radical act that challenges authority and should therefore to be frowned upon and restricted.

The components of our environment are:

  • Positivity – always
  • Equality and Inclusiveness – everyone counts, always
  • Information – full, accurate, and timely to all
  • Diversity – recognising and embracing differences in people
  • Openness – removing tradition and assumptions that constrain ideas and progress
  • Stability – giving freedom from pressure and worry
  • Learning – development and improvement is our reason to exist
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