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The role of our Brackley Town FC Player Development Academy coaches is to design and deliver practices that are appropriate to the needs of the players, that reflect the demands of the game, and which prepare them to play the game that they play week in and week out.

In order to carry out their role our coaches need to understand:

  • the players that they are coaching
  • the game that they are playing
  • the task(s) ahead of the players
  • the environment that we create

We know and accept that:

  • our players practice football in order to play the game
  • our players learn the game by practicing, experimenting, and competing
  • learning occurs in context so we need to relate the practice to the game
  • learning is more permanent when players are “doing”
  • learners benefit from working collaboratively with team-mates
  • feedback and the opportunity to evaluate is essential

Coaching Fundamentals

When designing and delivering our practices we have chosen to adopt the 12 coaching fundamentals that are defined in the FA’s England DNA. Alongside these we will also be using a number of things that are relevant and vitally important to us in our desire to create and maintain our “Brackley Town FC DNA”. These extras are the Brackley Town Football Club PDA – Extended Coaching Fundamentals…  PDA - Extended coaching fundamentals

At Brackley Town Football Club’s Player Development Academy every activity is treated as a learning and development opportunity. Regardless of the activity type (game, training session, touring, etc) all activities are delivered using the Plan, Do, Review process, using both the England DNA Coaching Fundamentals and the Brackley Town FC PDA - Extended coaching fundamentals as the framework for activity design and delivery….  PDA - Plan, Do, Review

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