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Our Mission is to put in place a club structure and learning programme that enables everyone involved to work together to enable each young player to achieve their potential and so realise our Vision to develop our own players.

The breakdown of the tasks involved is as follows:

Developing the Environment

Creating an environment in which all our young players can learn, free from interference, allowed to make mistakes, and safe to progress at their own speed whilst building a lifelong love of their game is crucial to the success of our work.

Everyone involved in the programme, coaches, club officials, parents, families, supporters, and of course the players themselves, has a responsibility to play their part in creating and maintaining the environment that we desire, everyone should feel a sense of ownership of it and benefit from it.

Developing Practise

When we have the right environment, we will be able to create and deliver practises that enable each player to strive to fulfil their potential as young footballers. Our practises are based on the Four Corners of player development, Technical, Physical, Psychological, and Social, as defined by the FA in their Future Game technical documentation. We have chosen this as our way of working as it provides for a well-rounded personal development programme alongside the development of the footballer.

Developing Players

With a great environment and well thought out practises we will be able to complete the picture by providing every player with a development programme using individual, unit, and team based challenges to stretch them in a way that is appropriate to their own current capabilities and future potential.

The task list above fits nicely into the modules designed and delivered by the coach education team at the FA as their Youth Award certification and it is this certification that underpins the knowledge and skills that our players require from our coaches.

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