This procedure details the process to be followed by all Brackley Town Football Club coaches when players are taking part in trials for squads. The procedure applies to all squads playing youth/junior/mini football regardless of which league they play in, what day matches are played, or which game format is applicable.

In all circumstances Brackley Town FC coaches/managers/officials should ensure that they are aware of and can ensure compliance with the clubs Player Approach Policy.

In-season Initial Trial

This “in-season initial trial” will be for 3 weeks, a maximum of 6 sessions, and will be offered to the player at no cost to them. If the player can only attend 1 session per week then the period remains at 3 weeks and the player only gets 3 sessions. The player and parents will be required to complete a club initial trial form before the first session, and the club’s Head Coach and General Manager must be informed before the trial period begins. It will be the requesting coaches responsibility to ensure that the completed club initial trial form is passed to the Youth Football Secretary, Youth Football Administrator, and Child Welfare Officer before the trial begins.

Post Trial Review

At or before the players last trial session the squads coach, the club’s Head Coach, and the General Manager, will have a brief discussion to agree the way forward for the player. In some instances there may also be a requirement for the Child Welfare Officer to be included in the discussion from a child welfare perspective. The options will be “release with advice”, “offer an extended trial”, or “offer a squad place”. At the end of the players last trial session the coach will speak to the player and parent(s) to convey the decision that has been agreed. The coach will be supported at this meeting by at least one of the club’s officials from Head Coach, General Manager, and/or Child Welfare Officer.

Extended Trial

Should an extended trial be offered then this will have a start date and end date, and there will be a cost to the player/parents. The number of sessions per week will also be agreed from the outset as will dates to review progress. The player and parents will be required to complete club registration forms and, should the player be with another club that club will be contacted and the manager and club secretary informed before the extended trial period begins.

Trials to Fill Spaces

Where we have spaces available in squads and a desire or requirement to fill those places the “in-season initial trial” process above must be followed with consideration being given to ensure compliance with the clubs Player Approach Policy.

The above processes are in place and to be adopted by all coaches/managers working with teams up to and including Under 18’s from 1st August 2016, the relevant forms are available from the club by request

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