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The Club was doing alright,

The football was solid, we were flying high, The future looked

exciting and bright, Then this virus came by.

At first we thought it a pest,

Like an insect that bites all the other guys, But this was worse, this

unwelcome guest, So we got wise.


We shut the places where people meet,

So it couldn’t find a new host,

This action might speed its defeat,

It’s too early yet to boast.


It’s still out there seeking new prey, For we still haven’t stopped it

dead in it’s tracks, We must stay vigilant every day, And watch our




When will we serve you again?

When will we share burger moments?

Remember football is just a game,

Without our hotdogs it won’t be the same.


When will we serve you again?

Our baguettes, you will find, take some beating, Imagine gold cheese melting on your chips, And the sensation when they touch your lips.




When will we serve you again?

On a chill afternoon sell you Bovril?

It will always be piping hot,

And our coffee comes straight from the pot.


We’ll surely serve you again.

One day we’ll serve you again


By John Leopard


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