In December, Lorrell Smith became a further addition to Kevin Wilkin’s squad.  In conversation here with The Red and White, he introduces himself to supporters.

“At 24 I know this is a big chance for me,” Lorrell says.  “I’ve had several seasons at Arlesey Town, Leighton Town and Bigglewade United in the South Midlands Premier League.  I have played week in and week out and always scored so it is great to have this opportunity to come here, to step up and improve further.”

Dressed in his Brackley Town track-suit, Smith looks and sounds like a Saints player.  Relaxed but keen to convey his professionalism and desire to do well for himself and for the team.  “Training at Biggleswade to be fair was good and prepared me well for training here.  Training levels are higher here of course and the quality of player obviously better.  When I was at Leighton, I worked with Adam Kirkup and the manager Scott Reynolds so with Adam here I guess I was on the radar.  I decided to leave my job at Vauxhall’s in Luton to become self-employed so I needn’t work shifts and can concentrate on my football.  Kevin invited me down and I want to make the most of my opportunity here.”

“I started against Curzon Ashton and played an hour.  I thought I did alright but the difference I found was the level of fitness.  I consider myself fit but the intensity was hard having to be on your toes the whole time, up and back, and ready to go.  So I am working to become fitter and stronger and to become sharper so not just thinking about a move and anticipating it but actually making the move and that can be the difference of half a second say but that’s crucial.”

“I enjoy training.  I like the information and feedback I’m getting and I am enjoying things here.  Everyone has taken time to sit down with me and to help.  They are telling me when I have done well but also, rightly, when I haven’t.  I want to play and I am putting the time in to be ready when I get my chance.”